To provide emergency, uncooked food packages  to over 40,000 families in West Africa, putting food on the table for over 200,000 people during the pandemic


Families aiming
to reach


People will get food
on their table


Will feed a family of five for a month


Can you help
just one?

Nations around the world are confronted with the first-ever global pandemic of our lifetime — COVID-19.   We are all facing this unprecedented challenge together. Staff and volunteers from Local Green Cross offices in Ghana, Burkina Faso, and the Cote D’Ivoire are mobilizing to deliver these life-saving food packages to the families at the greatest risk of starvation.

The coronavirus outbreak is about to reach the hundreds of millions of people living in extreme poverty in Sub Saharan Africa. There is widespread lack of electricity alongside debilitating gender gaps among others which render the region ill-equipped to respond to this growing crisis. The ability to social distance oneself is a luxury the vulnerable in this region do not have.


The economic and social impacts are immense, costing the region between $37 and $79 billion in estimated output losses in 2020, reducing agricultural productivity, weakening supply chains, increasing trade tensions, limiting job prospects and exacerbating political and regulatory uncertainty, as seen in other nations that have been hit hard.


Worst of all, the United Nations warns that the COVID-19 pandemic will push an additional 130 million people to the brink of starvation in Africa.


Through a global solidarity campaign dubbed the Serve Up Hope Challenge, Green Cross International, and the philanthropic community are taking the first step today to bring help to West African - so these children and families can stay a step ahead of the pandemic.


The fundraising goal for the Serve Up Hope Challenge is $4 Million.