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There are many ways you can help meet the challenge of food security in West Africa head on





Image by Tomasz Woźniak

Run, Walk, Climb

Run, walk, climb, ride, swim - you name it and have friends and family sponsor you.  Sporting events, whether in person or virtual, are a great way to raise money for the Serve Up Hope Challenge

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Virtual Party

Need an excuse to celebrate? Throw a virtual party-themed, dinner, dance, or whatever motivates you! Invite some friends, have some fun, and collect donations online

Donate Your Day

Turn a day that’s special to you into a day that could help a family get ahead of COVID-19! Ask for donations instead of gifts. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any day can become a fundraising opportunity

High Fives

Get creative

There’s really no limit to your imagination or your fundraising opportunities. Whatever works for you, works for the Challenge

Hot Air Balloons

Dance & SHARE

Show us your best dance moves! Post and share a video of YOUR best steps to raise awareness of the crisis in West Africa. Dance brings joy in this part of the world - your support of the Serve Up Hope campaign will bring joy to the families and children in West Africa.





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