It takes the dedication and compassion of countless individuals working together to create change.
Meet a few of them


There are many ways you can help meet the challenge of food security in West Africa head on


Famke Janssen

Actress & Serve Up Hope Challenge Ambassador

My compassion for people, animals and the planet as a whole drives my altruistic side. I hope the Serve Up Hope Challenge shows people that immediate action is needed in West Africa to avoid a humanitarian crisis. The social and economic disparities highlighted by the pandemic are our chance to collectively end poverty once and for all.

Mubarick Musavadu.jpg

Mubarick Musawudu

Board Member, Green Cross International & Green Cross Ghana President

The COVID-19 crisis has come with many more with it: poverty, hunger, political tension, etc. Millions of people who were already living in dire conditions are left with the choice of taking their chances with the COVID-19 virus disease or risk the greatest starvation. I hope my commitment to this challenge will help avert this looming humanitarian catastrophe of our lifetime.

Matt de la Houssaye

Senior Advisor, Green Cross International & Global Green

I've worked with Mubarick Masawudu, President of Green Cross Ghana, along with other Green Cross Affiliates in West Africa for several years to support environmental and development programs. With efforts turned toward the current crisis, I'm helping to bring volunteers and partnerships to this important initiative.


Our work would not be possible without the support of many partners who share our goal of feeding people in West Africa who are at risk of starvation due to the impact of Covid-19.  We are looking for more partners to enable us to keep the food supplies moving into the hands of the families and children most at risk.